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Charles Barfield


Charles Barfield

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Charles "Chad" Barfield has been in the custom building and fabrication industry for over 10 years. Chad has a engineering and design background building remote access homes in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Chad's strengths are problem solving, design, and customer service. Chad has been a business owner for 16 years. He understands people and what it takes to create a business that will last for years to come.

Any and All Fabrication is a family owned and operated company. Our goal, as a company, is to provide the highest level of customer service and build a direct relationship between clients and the designer of their product.


Our extensive knowledge base, diversified background, and keen attention to detail set us apart from the rest as an industry leader. From remote access building, to fabrication of tools and transportation, we can get any job done.


Bring us your idea or obstacle and we will provide you with a solution.  A solution that not only meets your specs, but also meets all the variables that are most often forgotten; extreme weather, potential operators of the equipment and their experience level, and safety precautions that are built in to cover the “what ifs” and the unplanned.

Any and All Fabrication

 We stand behind our designs and the products that we build.  We involve our clients and put them at the forefront of their build and design. We are a fast growing company but we promise not to outgrow or roots.


Our greatest concern will always be our clients best interests, and that our designs and products are built to last and surpass their needs and expectations. Our client base extends from major Fortune 500 companies to small family owned business'. No job is too big or small.


We have the ability to have large performance bonds, and provide the documentation required to build for large companies and large projects, while at the same time maintaining that small family company involvement and attitude.


Certified welder MIG and TIG in Aluminum, Stainless and Steel


Give us a call and see the difference. CA Lic # 937199



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